The materials and design of the MODTAC Suppressor Shields provide a solidly mounted, rigid shield that eliminates mirage, reduces the chance of incidental contact burns on personnel and equipment, as well as allows the suppressor to cool naturally, prolonging the life of your suppressor and your gear.

Yes, Suppressor Shields are a rail mounted, rigid, and free floating design which does not retain heat inside of the suppressor.

All MODTAC Suppressor Shields are designed to create a ~1/4″ air-gap around the suppressor, allowing air to naturally flow through and cool the suppressor.

MODTAC Suppressor Shields have been tested up to 1,200 degrees (suppressor temp), showing no degradation to the product, or suppressor. 

Internal and third party testing has shown a consistent 50%-60% reduction in temperature of our shield compared to the surface of the suppressor during high rates of fire, with some tests showing over 80% reduction in temperature, especially at lower round counts.

It is not recommended that any MODTAC Shield be used without the proper length suppressor.

Please see our Warranty and Return page here.

Absolutely, please see our Mil/LE page for more details.

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