All MODTAC Suppressor Shields are designed for those on the front lines of both the battlefield and the streets of our nation. Extensive product testing, and constant upgrades go into each of our products. This means that we expect our products to perform and last when you need them the most.

MODTAC offers a lifetime warranty that all of our products will be free from manufacturing or material defects. In the event a customer identifies a defect of this type MODTAC will take the appropriate actions to rectify the situation with the customer.

All Suppressor Shields models are designed to withstand suppressor temperatures up to 1,200° F for short periods of time. Depending on barrel length and type of suppressor, 1,200° F can be reached when firing about 120 rounds fired in under 10 minutes.  MODTAC recommends that a full cooling cycle (return to ambient air temperature) is conducted before continuing to shoot.

Firing more than the above-mentioned number of rounds in less than a 10 minute period, or causing the suppressor to get hotter than these temperatures will cause damage to the Suppressor Shield and the hardware. All suppressor Shields are full-auto rated, as long as the suppressor does not surpass 1,200° F.

The first indication that your suppressor is getting too hot, is significant smoke emanating from the Suppressor Shield. If this is the case stop shooting immediately or permanent damage can be caused to the Suppressor Shield.

If you have a warranty related questions please contact us, so we can make it right.