A securely mounted, rigid suppressor cover that eliminates mirage, reduces the chance of incidental contact burns on personnel and equipment, and allows your suppressor to cool naturally, prolonging the life of your suppressor and your gear.

The Shields themselves are made from U.S.-sourced high temperature carbon fiber. Our couplers are made from lightweight aluminum and attach to your rail using stainless steel mounting tabs.

MODTAC’s Suppressor Shields are designed to allow maximum airflow over the surfaces of your hot suppressor. As heat escapes the front of the Shield, cool air flows through the vents on the bottom. This leads to cooler cans and excellent mirage mitigation. Carbon fiber has an incredibly low thermal transfer rate, meaning the tube can be 300 degrees, but that’s not the temperature that’s transferred to your gear or skin.

All of MODTAC’s products are manufactured in Colorado, USA.

Fabric wraps contact your suppressor and use insulating fabrics to keep heat away from the user. Unfortunately, it does this by trapping the heat inside your can. MODTAC Suppressor Shields protect you from that heat while also helping the suppressor cool.

Thanks to our lightweight aluminum couplers and carbon fiber Shield construction, our Suppressor Shields only weigh 6oz-10oz, depending on the Shield length and accessories added.  

Please see the individual sizing guides under each product.  

The M-RAC and M-RAC XL are M-LOK mounted Suppressor Shields designed to fit specific rails only. The M-RAC Suppressor Shield has been the favored pick of DOD Special Operations units, federal and local law enforcement agencies, and civilian customers alike. Click here (M-RAC/M-RAC XL) for compatibility.

The U-RAC or Universal line of shields is designed to attach via the top picatinny rail and is the perfect solution for those who don’t have an M-RAC supported rail. All U-RACs are universal within their respective platforms. A single AR-15 U-RAC can be interchanged across multiple AR-15 platforms, as long as the Picatinny rail height over bore is in line with industry standards.

The PRSS is a barrel mounted suppressor cover solution. If your barrel extends more than 3” beyond the handguard, or if your firearm lacks a handguard, the PRSS is likely right for you.   

The M-RAC is made primarily for contracts, or extremely high industry demand. The list of compatible rails is continuing to expand. Currently, supported rails are as follows:

Geissele URGI, MK-16 & MK-18,
Knights Armament URX-4 & URX-6,
Sig Sauer MCX Virtus & Spear -LT,
KRG enclosed forend,
Daniel Defense Delta-5 Pro,
Sons of Liberty Gun Works  L-89

We don’t recommend that you touch your shield if your weapon has been fired recently, or is warm at all. However, on average the shield will have a 60% lower temperature than the surface of your suppressor throughout the firing cycle, reducing the risk of incidental burns. 

Please see our Installation Instructions page (coming soon).

If you do not see your rail listed, we recommend that you opt for our U-RAC. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee fitment on any unlisted rail.

Yes! Shields can either be spray painted, or professional-grade Cerakote can be applied.  If using Cerakote, we recommend having C-Series Cerakot applied by a certified or reputable applicator.

Yes! Please see our Mil/LE Discount page for instructions on how to apply.

Feel free to reach out to our support team via the contact page.